There have been two installments of Shortnite since Fortnite’s release. Shortnite is a film festival of sorts that features short films making their debut on the Big Screen (in Fortnite). The third installment of Shortnite is being hosted during the Halloween season, so it is aptly called Shortnitemares.

How to Watch Shortnitemares

This event is being hosted from Oct. 28 at 5pm CT to Nov. 1 at 5pm CT. During that timeframe, you can watch any of the Shortnitemares films by selecting the “Shortnitemares” playlist to go to the Shortnitemares Theater.

Since each film has its own room (like a real movie theater), you can choose which one to go into. If you’re bored with one film, simply walk out and go into another room to watch a different film. Alternatively, you can go to the festival room in the Shortnitemares Theater and watch all of them in a loop on the main screen.

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You can also watch the Shortnitemares while you play the game! If you enable Picture-in-Picture mode, you can watch the films as you mow down opponents in Battle Royale.

Shortnitemares Cosmetics

There is a free cosmetic reward for participating in the Shortnitemares event. If you watch at least 30 minutes in the Shortnitemares Theater, you will receive the Spray Matter spray for use in-game. Time counts towards this goal whether it’s on the main screen or in the the individual movie auditoriums.

There is also a Kernel Poppy outfit released for the event that can be purchased in the in-game shop, along with the Slurpy Slush’em Back Bling and Butter Buddy emote. There is no information about when these will be removed from the shop, but they will probably be available throughout the event.

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That’s everything you need to know about this movie-inspired event!

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