Ubisoft surprised Assassin’s Creed franchise fans with the franchise’s first cross-over DLC. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be receiving free story DLC that will tie in with each other, and both will be made available on December 14. This is extra shocking considering that Odyssey is now three years old and hasn’t had a major update like this in a while.

Odyssey’s DLC is titled “Those Who Are Treasured,” and the trailer shows protagonist Kassandra hunting for a mythical artifact that may or may not have ties to Norse mythology. Valhalla’s story DLC is titled “A Fated Encounter” and has protagonist Eivor come face-to-face with Kassandra. Ubisoft promises that the DLC will include two new islands to explore and exclusive rewards.

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The trailer has the female Eivor as the stand-in, but the character can be male or female, so presumably, male Eivor can be part of the DLC story. More suspicious is the lack of Alexios, the male protagonist of Odyssey. He may be part of both DLC stories depending on the type of character the player chooses at the beginning of the story, but Ubisoft directly names Kassandra in its description of the DLC. This may imply the DLC is only centering on Kassandra, which could be because she has become the fan-favorite among the two siblings’ protagonists.

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