Styanax is Warframe’s 50th frame inspired by Greek imagery, as seen in his design. The frame was announced during Tennocon 2022 and was revealed to have been initially named Hoplite, similar to the Greek fighter he was based on.

Styanax will be released alongside the Veilbreaker update this September 2022 for free. Digital Extremes announced that any player who logs in within two weeks of the update release could claim Styanax for free. Styanax will come with two alternative helmets and a signature speargun named Afentis.

All of Styanax’s abilities in Warframe

Styanax is considered a support class capable of dealing damage and defending enemies. Listed below are his abilities:

  • Axios Javelin: Styanax takes his spear and impales enemies into the wall behind them.
  • Tharros Strike: Perform a shield bash that stuns the enemies around you and reduces their armor and shields.
  • Rally Strike: Depending on how many foes are around Styanax, you can taunt your enemies and buff allies.
  • Final Stand: Styanax will throw javelins into groups of enemies.

Another thing to take note of is that Styanax’s critical hit chance will increase based on how many shields he has, and this doubles if he is using a speargun.

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