Season 2 of Tribes of Midgard will launch sometime this November 2021, as confirmed by the official road map for the game, which can be viewed at the official website for Tribes of Midgard.

As for a more specific date, there isn’t any at this moment and will most likely be revealed by the developers over at Norsfell a bit closer to the initially given date.

When this time comes around, players can expect a whole host of new content in Tribes of Midgard that will bring more fun and enjoyment.

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The main feature is a brand new saga quest that will bring a new saga boss, unique requirements to unlock it.

More items, runes, and skins can also be expected with future season 2 content, so keep an eye on both our store rotation list and season rewards guide when season 2 arrives.

Each saga, including seasons 1 and 2+, also includes saga exclusive gear and weapons. Because of this, we highly recommend slaying this season’s boss Fenrir at least 15 times to unlock all exclusive saga content for season one before season two arrives in November.

If you don’t before then, you will not be able to get the saga weapons again and will have to work on completing the new season content.

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