There are still tons of characters that have yet to be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, but Scar is one that Gameloft has officially confirmed. He will be added as an NPC sometime during Fall 2022, likely during the early-mid point of the season.

Will Scar be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

On Sep. 9, 2022, during the Disney Marvel games showcase as part of D23 2022, Gameloft released some details about further updates to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The main focus was the Toy Story updates set to come in the future. What was also shown, though, was a confirmation of Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When will Scar be added to Dreamlight Valley?

Image via Gameloft

According to Gameloft, Scar will be added to the game during The Lion King free update for Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Lion King update will occur sometime in Fall 2022, though a specific date has not been given. This means Scar will be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley in Fall 2022. It will likely be in early-mid Fall, since the Toy Story update is slated for late Fall 2022.

Will other Lion King characters be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

We’re not entirely sure whether or not other characters from The Lion King franchise will be added as NPCs into Disney Dreamlight Valley. There have been some rumors, but not much in the way of explicit confirmations from Gameloft. Here are the rumored characters from The Lion King that could possibly come to the game in the future:

  • Nala
  • Pumba
  • Simba
  • Timon

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