A new Chapter to Dead by Daylight is in the midst and is lurking just around the corner. The captivatingly thrilling lore of the Cult Japanese horror classic, Ringu, is set to arrive in the DBD Realm in March 2022.

The game’s Twitter page released a teaser clip that has kept fans in the dark, in regard to how the new killer will be portrayed, or what the new Chapter will include. True horror fans should already have an idea for what’s coming!

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The teaser focuses on an eerie well, an iconic shot from the film. Although fans likely expected a twitchy, terrifying girl, with black hair over her face to climb out of the well, the teaser cuts just in time. Phew.

A novel that was originally published in 1991 by Kōji Suzuki, Ring was adapted into a Japanese horror film in 1998, which is widely-known as Ringu in North America. An American adaption, The Ring, was released in 2002 and spawned a series of horror sequels.

The new DBD Chapter will follow their latest Portrait of a Murder Chapter that featured the newest Killer, The Artist. There is sure to be a new Killer and Survivor released alongside the Ringu Chapter next year, and we simply cannot wait to see what the highly addicting, ever-growing horror game will give us next!

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