Lost Ark has just received a release date for the west and is now planning to release this fall in 2021. Lost Ark was first released in Korea back in 2018 and has received a lot of praise and has become successful in other Asian markets such as Japan. 

Eventually, the game would get a Russian release but has yet to be released to western audiences. But that is no longer the case, and the game is now being released this year. However, an exact date is unclear at the time of writing

That being said, Lost Ark is a brand new ARPG set in a world where a demon legion has returned, and it is up to brave heroes to combat the growing tide of demons. 

Lost Ark features well 15 classes and can be played either with friends in coop or solo like a traditional ARPG experience such as Grim Dawn or Diablo 1-3.

Players will also be able to explore the vast world of Lost Ark via large boats and fight all matter of creatures. The game will as well have pvp, raids, tons of customization.

Lost Ark, will also have a beta that will run from June 11 to 16, and if this interests you, you can sign up and learn more here.

Stayed tuned for more coverage of Lost Ark at Pro Game Guides, in the upcoming weeks and months before release

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