Genshin Impact, like many gacha games, celebrates the anniversary of its release by rewarding you with goodies. On September 28, Genshin Impact will celebrate two years of success by gifting players Primogems and more in two seperate log-in events. Read on for more details.

When is Of Travels and Treasures, Genshin Impact’s First 2022 Anniversary Event?

Image via Genshin Impact Twitter

Of Travels and Treasures: A Thank-You Gift will begin as soon as the the Version 3.1 Update is released and will be available for players throughout the entirety of Version 3.1. You must be at least Adventure Rank 2 or above before Version 3.1 begins. You will be gifted the following via your in-game mail box:

Date Rewards Are AvailablePremium CurrencyAdditional Rewards
After the Version 3.1 UpdatePrimogems x 400Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device x 1
September 29, 2022Primogems x 400Fragile Resin x 2
September 30, 2022Primogems x 400Fragile Resin x 2
October 1, 2022Primogems x 400Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper x 1

When is Path of Gleaming Jade, Genshin Impact’s Second 2022 Anniversary Event?

Image via Genshin Impact Twitter

This event, Path of Gleaming Jade, will run from October 14 to October 31. You need to be at least Adventure Rank 5 or above to be eligible for the event. Log in for seven days during the event period and receive a new reward each day as follows:

Login DaysReward
1Intertwined Fate x 1
2Mora x 80,000
3Intertwined Fate x 2
4Mystic Enhancement Ore x 18
5Intertwined Fate x 2
6Hero’s Wit x 8
7Intertwined Fate x 5

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