Few names in the gaming industry carry the weight and prestige that Hideo Kojima does. Kojima is known for creating the Metal Gear series and the recent Death Stranding, which was released for PlayStation and PC. Since then, Death Stranding Director’s Cut launched on PlayStation and now has a Steam page.

According to the Steam page, Death Stranding Director’s Cut has a release date of 2022. This means that those on PC will finally experience the ultimate version of Death Stranding. Other than 2022, no solid release date was given.

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This version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be similar to the PlayStation version and will likely be priced the same. However, no official price has been revealed, so this is speculation. Regardless, fans of the game will soon be able to play Kojima’s definitive version of the game on PC.

Death Stranding is an incredibly unique experience, and the Director’s Cut version will let the player fully experience it. More information regarding its release will likely be revealed soon.

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