Blastoise is the next Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite which will complete the generation 1 starter trio alongside Charizard and Venusaur. As of yet, there is no announced release date for the water-type turtle Pokemon.

What is known is that Blastoise will be a defender Pokemon, making defender the second role to receive a new Pokemon after the attacker Gardevoir was released. As a defender, Blastoise will likely feature a high endurance and support while its mobility will be lacking.

Blastoise’s moveset has allegedly been leaked as well. The Pokemon will feature a melee-based attack while it uses long-distance water-based attacks as its abilities. The supposed leaks suggest Blastoise will have these moves:

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Passive Ability

  • Torrent: When at half HP or less, gain increase Attack and Sp. Attack damage.

Level 1-3 Moves

  • Water Gun
  • Skull Bash

Level 5 Moves

  • Hydro Pump: Shoot a stream of water that knocks back opposing Pokemon. The opposing Pokemon knocked back the furthest is stunned.
  • Water Spout: Shoot water towards a designated location, slowing enemies for the duration.

Level 7 Moves

  • Surf: Charge forward on a wave, knocking back enemies and stunning them.
  • Rapid Spin: Retract into your shell, increasing the damage of basic attacks and water moves.

Unite Move

  • Hydro Typhoon: Blastoise spins, shooting water and knocking back enemies in a large area. Also, gain a shield while using this move.

As of now, Blastoise has no official release date. Gardevoir, the previous character added, was released on a Wednesday at the end of July. Players could see a similar release at the end of August and would fit with a monthly cycle of adding new Pokemon to the game.

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