If you are wondering when winter will start in Project Zomboid, the answer is December. Winter in Project Zomboid will usually begin at the start of December and last until the end of February. During this time, players will experience one of the harshest weather conditions in Project Zomboid.

In short, farming will become useless, forage items will be harder to find, and leaving bases will be more dangerous. If you get caught in snow conditions, your clothes will eventually get the wet status. Having the wet status will increase the chance of getting sick and catching a cold. To avoid getting the wet status, it is best to prepare for a long winter and to avoid going out as much as possible.

How to survive winter in Project Zomboid

To survive winter in Project Zomboid, you will want to stock up a base full of non-perishable Food like Canned Food. Canned Food is found in certain stores like Gas Stations and Homes. On top of stocking up on food, players will want a decent base with a Generator up and running. Having a Generator will allow you to keep your base powered after the power shuts off in Project Zomboid. 

Generators will also allow you to power items such as Fridges and Freezers, which can keep perishable food grown through Farming or looted fresh. We recommend getting a generator to stock the food you grow up for the winter if you plan on Farming. 

But you won’t just need food to survive the winter, you also need warm clothes. Having warm clothes will help you stay warm and prevent Hypothermia moodles, which can result in death. You can get warm clothes by equipping clothes that provide high levels of insulation.

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