Behaviour Interactive is killing it with their announcements made during the 6th Anniversary live stream for Dead by Daylight. One such announcement involved a ProjectW. This is likely a reference to Wesker. The brief trailer shown seems to support this as well.

Wesker and the second Resident Evil chapter are coming sometime in 2022. In the coming months, there will be another announcement that will go over additional details. We’ll be sure to update this piece once that information becomes available.

The Resident Evil chapter that was released was immensely popular. It added the Nemesis as a Killer with Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy as survivors. A few legendary skins were made available for the latter two that saw Chris and Claire Redfield added to the fog as well.

With the impending release of Wesker as a Killer, we’re hopeful that we’ll see some additional Resident Evil survivors. Hunk would be a brilliant addition, as would Ada Wong. There are a plethora of options available. Let us know in the comments below who you want to see!

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