Waylanders is one of those games that has been released to Early Access before having a complete release. Due to this, there is some confusion on the real release day rather than the release day for early access.

Waylanders is scheduled for full release on Feb. 2, 2022, according to developer GATO STUDIO. In the full release, many changes and additions are planned for the game.

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The price of the game increases once the game is released, so we recommend purchasing it early. It is currently $34.99, but GATO STUDIO clarified on their Early Access Steam page that the price would increase upon full release. There is no clarification, but the size of the game makes us think the final price tag will be $59.99.

Only the Alpha of the first act was released as part of the Waylanders Early Access program. The full release will include all three acts in the final build. Additionally, the full release will include all cinematics, voices, and dialogue that were not included in the early access build.

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