The Shieldwing is a new gadget in Horizon Forbidden West that allows Aloy to glide. This will make getting to places much more manageable. But when exactly does this new gadget unlock?

When do you get the Shieldwing in Horizon Forbidden West?

You get the Shieldwing after the main story quest called The Embassy. You will know when you will be acquiring the gadget soon because when speaking to the Commander, you choose to proceed with the story or not and continue to explore the area around Chainscrape.

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If you proceed, you go into a scripted story section. After all, this has concluded, and you get to control Aloy once more, you will have the Shieldwing automatically unlock to use from now on.

To use the Shieldwing, you need to hold Square in midair, and Aloy will deploy the new gadget. To stop gliding, you only need to tap Circle. No more will you have to climb down a mountain, just jump off and glide down it, saving so much time!

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