There are a lot of plans for Lost Ark after its free launch, and some of them include new classes. Scouters are gun-wielding classes that focus more on ranged combat and look like super-soldiers. The class appears to be more powerful than a Gunlancer, but that may be due to a good player behind the scenes.

We are still waiting for a more concrete roadmap from the developer, Smilegate. The developers have been incredibly supportive about future content for the game, so we are certain that we’ll hear about this class as soon as possible. When any information on a release date for the Scouter class becomes available, we will update this guide.

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It is rumored that classes will be every two or three months, but always treat rumors as rumors. Until the developer themselves confirms them, they are untrue. Since there is so much excitement surrounding this class, it’s not surprising why rumors sprout.

As soon as they see gameplay with the Scouter’s drone, most players fall in love with the concept. Scouters are equipped with a drone that is incredibly powerful. The drone is able to pick up and move characters over enemies, improving mobility for Scouters. Along with helping and fighting alongside the character, it is also another weapon the scouter can use.

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