The Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE, better known as the FFXIV Live Letter, is a recurring video stream in which the developers of Final Fantasy XIV tell the fans about the upcoming changes and features for the game. The Live Letter is always a big event, as it often features reveals and unveilings of previously unknown features. Here’s when the next FFXIV Live Letter takes place.

The Next FFXIV Live Letter

The next Live Letter, entitled Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII, is set to take place in August, 2022, although the day hasn’t been confirmed just yet. As per previous broadcasts, it will likely take place at around 4am PT. 

It’s expected to feature details about patch 6.2 and the future patch cycle. Additionally, we expect to hear more information about the highly anticipated Island Sanctuary, as well as information about the future of Final Fantasy XIV as a whole.

The Previous FFXIV Live Letter

The previous Live Letter, entitled Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXI, took place on Friday, July 1, at 4am PT. It was broadcast live on YouTube, Niconico, and Twitch. It featured details on the 6.2 patch and server expansions, as well as hints about many upcoming additions to the game.

Viewing previous Live Letters

Unfortunately, Square Enix doesn’t do a fantastic job of archiving its Live Letters, often unlisting the streams and waiting months to upload the recordings. However, you can find most of the previous Live Letters on the Final Fantasy XIV YouTube page.

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