Hatches in Dead by Daylight are your last chance to get out of dodge and complete the trial. Such hatches spawn all over the array of maps available within the DbD universe, but they are not always accessible as they are for ending the game only. So, when do they spawn?

The hatches only spawn once the game is down to The Last Survivor so, there must be no other players on the map a part from The Killer and One Survivor. This makes the stakes much higher for being able to escape successfully, as the killer will be constantly trying to hunt you, and only you down.

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It used to be that the hatch would also spawn when at least two generators had been repaired, but this was removed in Patch 2.7.0.

Another factor that changed with Patch 4.7.0 was that the hatch opening time was shortened from 30 Seconds to 10 Seconds, meaning you really have to be swift now if you’re going to escape the trial, as there is a severely limited time to do so! So, as always try not to have the killer on your trail… we know it’s hard!

We wish you the best of luck in your survival efforts and hope you become a hatch master! Why not check out where the hatches spawn in Dead by Daylight as well to help your efforts?

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