With Halloween having now past, all of the games in Roblox are starting to go back to normal. While we are waving goodbye to some of the spookiness that came with October, we are going to start seeing the snow and winter type stuff start to enter various games in the near future. With the exit of Halloween, that means that Adopt Me will also be removing the event and Fossil Isle from the game. So, if you haven’t yet spent all of your candy, you are going to want to hurry up and do so!

The Halloween Event and Fossil Isle will end on November 11th, 2020 at 2PM PT! If you aren’t sure what time that is for you, then you can search “2PM PT my time” in Google to find out. Once the event is over, it appears that you will no longer be able to spend your candy anymore. It’s unclear if it just disappears entirely, or if it will be transitioned into something else. My guess would be that it is just going to be removed completely, so make sure to spend it all before the event ends!

While most of the Halloween stuff will be going away, the one thing that will be staying is the Cerberus pet! This cute little multi-headed dog is sticking around, and you will be able to purchase it with Robux if you haven’t already. Now that Halloween is going away, it sounds like Adopt Me has a lot more in store for us in the future. There’s some newly planned pets coming soon, and there should be some winter themed stuff around the corner!

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