Spiders’ newest game, Steelrising received a new trailer on Dec. 9 at the Video Game Awards and along with, a release date of June 2022. The game is still a fair way off, but fans can rest easy now knowing that the game’s release is in sight. As time gets closer, an exact date will likely be given.

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Steelrising looks to follow Spiders’ previous game, Greedfall, and inject some fantasy and sci-fi into a historical period. Players will control Aegis, an automaton masterpiece who must take on King Louis XVI and his mechanical army who have suppressed the revolution.

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Paris is the setting for Steelrising and it has been plunged into darkness. Players must use Aegis’ energy, tools, and abilities to navigate the streets, rooftops, and castles of the former City of Light. Mechanical creatures roam the city and it is up to the player to stop them once and for all.

Mechanical soldiers aren’t the only threat. Steelrising’s human population is filled with enemies and potential allies. Question everyone’s motives as you attempt to carry the Revolution to success.

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