Project Star is an upcoming game on the Roblox platform and it is highly anticipated within the anime gaming community. One of the latest Roblox games inspired by the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Project Star has been in development for well over a year.

There is no release date for Project Star at this time. But, the game is currently in its testing phase with many content creators showcasing their own experiences on YouTube. So far, popular creators like Off Meno, GhostInTheCosmos, and Infernasu have gotten their hands on early builds of Project Star.

Although there isn’t a set release date for Project Star, the testing phase is often a positive sign that the game nears public release. This development phase occurred for other Roblox anime games such as Titanage and Anime Warriors, though we must note that all three of these games are developed by different studios. In Project Star’s case only two people are responsible for the game’s total development.

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While this may disappoint eager fans, Cameron (one half of the development team) shared some development news on the Project Star Discord server. Cameron stated that the team is working hard to patch the game, fix bugs, and ensure the final touches are made before public release.

Project Star is an anime game on Roblox that draws inspiration from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In Project Star, players can expect one-on-one combat against challenging enemies. While the game appears open-world, many of the fights appear to take place within enclosed arenas.

Players can also enhance different skill trees to create their own unique builds. The skill trees are expected to be designed around Stands, which are unique power abilities that characters possess in the Jojo anime.

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