Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s patch life cycle seems to be advancing at a blistering pace. From release to the first patch, and the most recent raid patch (6.05), it hardly feels like any time at all has passed since Endwalker’s first release in December. But when does the next patch, 6.08, release?

Endwalker Patch 6.08 will officially launch on Jan. 25, 2022, at 5:00 am EST. Patches release on Tuesdays as standard, and at the same time across all regions. The patch will also launch at the same time as the launch of the new Oceanian Data Center.

What’s in Patch 6.08

While we don’t have the exact date for its release, we do have a good idea of what the patch will contain. Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida dropped some huge hints in the latest edition of Radio Mog Station.

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In the podcast, Yoshida revealed that details of the 7.0 expansion storyline would start to emerge in “late February.” He also explained that the start of new story content and MSQ would be in the 6.1 patch.

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But for the 6.08 update, we could expect job changes and adjustments. In particular, Yoshida outlined a few classes that would get some significant updates.

What job changes are happening in Patch 6.08

  • Dancer: Damage increased
  • Black Mage: More damage, given more party-focused tuning
  • Samurai: Damage buff, made less solo-focused. Possible party shields or damage buffs
  • Monk: Damage up to counter how “busy” the job is
  • Paladin: Damage up, self-healing likely reduced.

Overall, we don’t know the exact changes coming in Patch 6.08, but they’re likely to help a lot of jobs feel more relevant and important to the game, especially as many statics and free companies continue to attempt to clear the latest raid tier.

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