If you are wondering when the next update for Minecraft is coming, update 1.18, the answer is sometime later this year around the holiday. However, if you were hoping for something more definitive, there is no clear date Mojang studios at the time of writing. 

If we had to guess, it would be some time in the next few months. Perhaps the release will be around December as it would line up with their usual update schedule and pattern. It’s still soon to tell, so we will have to wait until an offical gets announced by the Minecraft devs.

But what exactly can we expect in patch 1.18? Well, to start, if you are after anything to do with the lush cave biome, all of that content will be added in with 1.18. 

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This means drip leaves, glow berries, that fish thing you can put in a bucket (axolotl). Along with all of that, update 1.18 will also include the Warden, Deep Dark Biomes, Bundles, and dripstone caves. 

That being said, there’s alot being added with 1.18, so here’s a list and a rundown of what to expect.

  • Deep Dark Biome
  • Dripstone Caves
  • The Warden
  • Lush Cave
  • Spore Blossoms
  • Glow Berries
  • Dripleaf plant
  • Axolotls
  • Sculk Sensors
  • Bundles
  • Archeology
  • Noise Caves

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