Upcoming games are always exciting, but few are as unique as Loco Motive. The art style, game mechanics, music, plot, and characters all provide a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. While we don’t know exactly how soon we can play it, we know it isn’t too far away.

Loco Motive – Release Date

The upcoming Nintendo title, Loco Motive, was officially announced in Dec. 2021. Before its execution as a full-fledged game, Loco Motive existed in micro-version as part of ADVXJam 2020. The trailer for Loco Motive promises players a game with a hefty amount of content, including comedy, mystery, and action. While we don’t know the specific date that Loco Motive will release for play, we do know the approximate time. Loco Motive will be available to play in Summer 2022.

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Loco Motive – General Info

Loco Motive is an upcoming mystery puzzle-adventure video game on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game was developed by Robust Games and published by Chucklefish. This indie title promises a classic whodunnit game with a distinctly nostalgic pixelated art style. Composer Paul Zimmerman, known for his work on Space Haven and Caveblazers, will heavily feature his music.

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