PlayStation’s October 2021 State of Play brought plenty of surprises on third-party titles for viewers. One surprising announcement was that First Class Trouble would be one of the games offered in the November 2021 PlayStation Plus games lineup, meaning players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus can enjoy this title at no extra cost.

PlayStation Plus games go live on the first Tuesday of every month, meaning First Class Trouble comes to PlayStation Plus on November 2, 2021. It’s one of three games that PlayStation’ll offer to users on the service.

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First Class Trouble is a Social Deduction game where six players enter. Two players are secretly Personoids and try to take out the other players and stop them from escaping. It’s up to the team to discern who the traitors are before all the earnest escapees are defeated. It’s a tense social situation for both sides that’s sure to be a riveting experience.

For an in-depth look at the upcoming PlayStation Plus title, make sure to watch the Guided Tour video below:

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