DogLife, a spin-off mobile title of Candwriter’s famed BitLife, will make its debut launch in November 2021. The game will cast players as a customizable dog that players control similarly to their characters in the original game.

Player dog characters will also have stats similar to their human counterparts in BitLife, as listed below. 

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Cuteness
  • Love
  • Attention

Because of this, we assume players will also have actions similar to BitLife, where they can perform certain activities to increase these stats. 

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We imagine such activities will include:

  • Playing with their owners.
  • Going on walks.
  • Other actions involving owners in the game or their current background.

According to an in-game advertisement in BitLife, players can choose the type of dog they can create from several backgrounds, as listed below.

  • Street Dog
  • Shelter Dog
  • Petstore Dog
  • House Dog

Each background will set the player in a new environment, which we assume will have a whole host of activities revolving around it.

However, this hasn’t been confirmed yet and comes from the pop-up event that sometimes shows up in BitLife. We will have to wait and see if dog backgrounds pop up as a feature in the main game. 

If backgrounds are a feature in DogLife, we imagine each background will have unique features and activities to do. 

For example, if you are a Shelter Dog, you can break out, and if you are Shelter Dog, you can do stuff like beg for food or fight with other dogs.

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