Housing is one of the big selling points of Final Fantasy XIV, with players grinding for hours to save up the Gil to purchase their first Plot. But in order to prevent the limited number of Plots running out or remaining unused, Final Fantasy XIV operates Automatic Demolition. When the release of Endwalker caused excessive queues, Final Fantasy XIV disabled Automatic Demolition of housing plots.

However, as of Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2022, Automatic Demolition of housing plots will resume, as per a Tweet from the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter. Automatic Demolition is aimed at players who have not entered their Estate for at least 30 days. The timer will begin from Midnight, Mar. 8, if you’ve entered your Estate since Dec. 21. 

For Estates and houses that haven’t been entered at all during the Suspension Period (the time when Automatic Demolition was disabled), however, the demolition counter will count 30 days from Dec. 21. This means that these Estates will be slated for Demolition immediately on Mar. 9. Players who fall into this category will be sent an email warning them of the imminent Demolition.

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Once an Estate is marked for Demolition, a timer will begin that usually lasts between seven and nine days. You have until the timer expires to enter your estate. Square Enix states that the timer is not exact, though, and the removal may happen close to the end of the timer. So it’s best to make sure you head to your Estate as soon as possible.

Image via Square Enix

Remember, that to pause/reset the timer, you need to physically enter your house or Estate. Just entering the external grounds or interacting with items or retainers on the outside of the Estate will not reset the time. Make sure you keep hold of your hard-earned home!

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