Stylish, retro-inspired shooter ARC Raiders got its first trailer on Dec. 9, during the Game Awards. The co-op sci-fi game is a new project by Embark Studios and former EA executive Patrick Söderlund. But when can we get our hands on this new shooter?

Teasing us with slick visuals, the game’s trailer ended with a projected release date—2022. Not as specific as some would hope, but with the game first being teased in 2019 with concept art released showing off it’s retro aesthetic, it’s sooner than many expected.

Indeed, one of the biggest appeals of ARC Raiders is definitely the looks of the game. The trailer is peppered with sci-fi nostalgia with unique visuals, characters decked out in old-school cosmonaut gear, all set to the thumping 80’s-inspired sound of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own.

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This seems to hint at a Fallout-style post-apocalypse. This means the developers can pick and choose the pieces of aesthetically pleasing pop culture to bring into their setting. And so far, it’s a mix of 80’s music, 60’s space suits, and modern weapons. 

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As for other details, a teaser on the ARC Raiders Twitter hinted at a tagline for the game, simply stating, “Enlist. Resist.” This cryptic message is yet to be deciphered, but with the game set to release in 2022, we won’t have to wait long for answers.

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