Lost Ark opens up and gives the player many new options and features to unlock the Stronghold. A major aspect of this is researching and dispatching sailors on missions. The research, A Cup of Rum! is integral to both of these.

You can research A Cup of Rum! in Lost Ark after meeting a few conditions in your Stronghold. These conditions are:

  • Completed Dispatch Lv. 2 Research
  • Reach Stronghold Lv. 7

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How to research A Cup of Rum! in Lost Ark

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To research A Cup of Rum! in Lost Ark, you must have met the above conditions. Once you have done this, follow the steps below.

  • In the Stronghold, Press Ctrl & 1.
  • Go to the Lab.
  • Find the A Cup of Rum! research.
  • Select it and then click Research.

A Cup of Rum! will take some time before it is completed. You can wait, or you can speed the process up using the Complete Now or Time Reduction features. Once this research is complete, you will have an expanded crew for missions.

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