The requirements for pre-downloading Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game have been revealed. On October 24, players will be able to pre-download the game. It is 41.243 GB but does not include any day-one patches.

PlayStation Game Size determined this from scraping details from PSN, even without taking the day one patch into account. Guardians of the Galaxy has a size of 41.243GB on PlayStation 5. According to the source, the game will be available for download on Sunday, October 24, just two days before release.

This is only the PS5’s game size information. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, or any other console is not mentioned. Other consoles may have slight differences, but the trend in the industry isn’t to make a big difference between versions.

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This is mostly speculation, as we don’t know if there will be a Day 1 patch or if the game will arrive on schedule. It doesn’t seem that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game will be delayed any time soon since we are getting closer to the release date.

Typically, when a game is purchased on PlayStation or Xbox, it is automatically pre-downloaded. Alternatively, you can go to their respective store and check the game page to see if you can pre-download it if it is available.

While Steam normally does not pre-download without the user’s permission, it is still possible for users to pre-download it themselves. The users can go to the page and set the game to pre-download when available, the same as on other consoles.

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