One of the most innovative features of the PlayStation 1 was the ability to put CDs into your game console. Monster Rancher took advantage of this by allowing players to summon monsters using CDs. The music system is back in the remake, but it isn’t very clear to use at times.

In 2021, CDs are a thing of the past, with popular streaming sites like Spotify overtaking the industry. Still, the remakes wanted to keep the same feel as the originals by allowing players to summon monsters using music tracks. However, you are met with a menu that lets you search for songs.

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How to summon monster in Monster Rancher DX

By selecting the right song, the game will allow you to summon a new monster into your roster. The problem is that the library is both vast and limited at the same time. It appears that many renowned artists are missing from the catalogs, while other smaller ones are included.

Here are some tips for summoning monsters in the new system:

  • The band Rush generates several rare monsters.
  • There are famous anime openings and gaming soundtracks in the catalog.
  • Established bands and artists are a safer search bet, but not a guarantee.
  • There are several different artists that summon each monster.

Music is a large genre, so it will take the community some time to fully sort through the game.

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