Destiny 2’s year-five expansion, The Witch Queen, launches Feb. 22, 2022, and Bungie will vault some of the game’s content in preparation for the next big update. This previously available content will enter the Destiny Content Vault or DCV. It’s important to know what content will no longer be available, so make sure you know what content you’ll be saying farewell to on Feb. 22.

We’ve listed the content that will be vaulted in year five of Destiny 2 below. All information comes directly from Bungie’s official Destiny Content Vault Page.

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  • Tangled Shore
    • Includes all locations, Lost Sectors, the Glykon, and Strikes except for the Warden of Nothing Strike, which joins the Legends area of the Director.
  • H.E.L.M. Wings for the Eliksni and Awoken
    • Includes the Last City: Eliksni Quarter and Mara Sov’s Chambers.

Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives

  • Campaign
    • Forsaken
  • Seasonal Narratives
    • Season of the Hunt
    • Season of the Chosen
    • Season of the Splicer
    • Season of the Lost
  • Activities
    • Baron Hunts
    • Tangled Shore Public Events and Lost Sectors
    • Wrathborn Hunts
      • Fallen Wrathbron, Savek
      • Fallen Wrathborn, HKD-1
      • Hive Wrathborn, Dul Arath
      • Hive Wrathborn, Xillox
      • Leader of the Wrathborn, the High Celebrant
    • Override Offensives
      • Europa
      • Moon
      • Tangled Shore
      • Last City
    • Harbinger
      • Hawkmoon will become available in the Towers’ Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive at a later date.
    • Presage
      • Dead Man’s Tale will become available in the Towers’ Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive at a later date.
    • Expunge
      • Labyrinth and Corrupted Labyrinth
      • Styx and Corrupted Styx
      • Tartarus and Corrupted Tartarus
      • Delphi
    • Astral Alignment Offensive
    • Shattered Realm
      • Forest of Echoes
      • Debris of Dreams
      • The Ruins of Wrath
    • Vanguard Strikes Playlist (replaced by Vanguard Operations)
      • Vanguard Operations Playlist will consist of Strieks and Battleground Arenas.

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Exotic Quests

Quest NameExotic Reward
Wish-EnderWish-Ender (Bow)
Holliday Family HistoryChaperone (Shotgun)
As the Crow FliesHawkmoon (Hand Cannon)
Bird of PreyRadiant Accipiter (Ship)
The Voice on the Other SideDead Man’s Tale (Scout Rifle)
Path of the SplicerForbidden Memory (Ship)
Tracing the StarsAger’s Scepter (Trace Rifle)
Wayfinder’s VoyageEternal Recurrence (Sparrow)
Info via Bungie


BroodholdTangled Shore
The Hollowed LairTangled Shore
Info via Bungie


SpiderTangled Shore
Petra VenjTangled Shore
The CrowTangled Shore
Umbral DecoderH.E.L.M.
Prismatic RecasterH.E.L.M.
Splicer ServitorH.E.L.M.
Wayfinder’s CompassH.E.L.M.
Mara SovMara Sov’s Chambers
Info via Bungie

Vaulted content may return later, but there is currently no plan to add 2022’s vaulted content at this time.

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