There are many different features to Roblox Adopt Me. You can adopt pets, take care of babies, buy potions, and much more. One aspect of the games that many players have grown to love is egg hatching. But where did the famous eggs get their start?


Eggs are a feature in Adopt Me that allows you to obtain pets. Players must perform objectives to get the eggs to hatch. Objectives are actions such as feeding the egg (can also apply to pets). You can skip the tasks required by paying Robux, which will get the egg to hatch immediately. Once they hatch, you’ll find out which pet you will be able to raise.

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First Egg

In June 2019, history was made for Adopt Me. The 2019 summer update introduced not only pets but eggs to go along with them. It’s hard for some to imagine that eggs and pets didn’t always exist in the game, as they are undoubtedly a central part of the game now.

The first egg added to the game actually technically came before the summer update. You could find this egg in the Easter 2019 update through a quest. It was a mystery egg, that was then transformed into the Blue Egg whenever the June 2019 update dropped. It cost 100 Bucks and had an uncommon rarity. The egg only produced the uncommon Blue Dog.

Current Eggs

In the present day, there are many eggs in Adopt Me. They range from as cheap as $350 and as expensive as costing Robux. These eggs produce many types of pets. There are also themed eggs, such as a jungle and safari. It can be argued that adding eggs to Adopt Me was the best decision developers could have made.

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