There are many secrets in Tunic. The game leaves much of this to be discovered by the player and for you to figure out as you play. There are in-game manuals that give hints and detail what to do. But you may have come across gray blocks with three lights on them and wonder what to do with them.

When you find the tall blocks with lights in Tunic, you need to hold the A button for a few seconds. This will cause the fox to pray, and the block will activate. It then lights up and drops into the ground, powering the rail attached and turning it purple.

What do the tall blocks with lights do in Tunic?

These tall blocks with lights are used to power various things throughout Tunic. This includes powering statues, opening doors, and more. Whenever you come across one of these blocks, you should activate and then follow the powered rail or look around for what it did.

Powering these blocks is necessary to complete the game. An in-game manual page details how to do this, but it can be easy to overlook. Happy exploring and discovering secrets!

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