So, you’ve managed to cut your way through Destiny 2’s Cryptic Quatrains questlines and their riddles thus far thanks to your sharp mind, but you now find yourself stuck with a strange riddle about an atlas, the Crude Cipher fragments, and two beacons. Understandably confused, you now find yourself reading this guide. Luckily, the following information will explain exactly what the Cryptic Ciphers are for and how to use them to move forward in the questline so that you can move ever closer to completing all of Season 18’s challenges.

How to use the Crude Cipher in Destiny 2

How to obtain the Crude Cipher Fragments in Destiny 2

Crude Cipher fragments are items obtained within the Cryptic Quatrains questline along with other loot. In your inventory, they will look like torn map pieces until you gather both, which automatically turns them into the Crude Cipher. The first fragments are part of the reward for the fourth Cryptic Quatrains 1 riddle solution. The second is part of the reward for the fifth Cryptic Quatrains 2 riddle solution.

Cryptic Quatrains 3 Fourth Riddle in Destiny 2

Once you have acquired the fragments, you won’t have to worry about them again until reaching the fourth riddle in the Cryptic Quatrains 3 questline. Once here, the riddle will read as Alone with me atlas and treasure at last / I use me crude dagger to cut out a code / This cipher I’ll place where it’s held safe and fast / Two beacons will guide you if treasure you’re owed. Each orange word in the riddle forms the true riddle hidden within, atlas crude cipher two beacons. The riddle explains that you have to pull up your Captain’s Atlas. From here, you’ll see the Cryptic Cipher, among other items you’ve picked up so far. Move the Cryptic Cipher over the atlas to reveal two beacons and complete the riddle. You will know the riddle is completed because the atlas will reveal hidden compartments, but these are a part of the next riddle.

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