Season seven introduced many new features, mechanics, and cosmetics to Sea of Thieves. One of these is the ability to captain your own ship. Part of this includes a Captain’s Logbook that records your adventures. However, this logbook can be stolen by other players, and you can steal theirs. This may leave you wondering what to do with another player’s Captain’s Logbook in Sea of Thieves.

If you manage to capture another player’s captain’s logbook, you can steal it and sell it for gold. Logbooks can either be salvaged from sinking another player’s ship or by sneaking aboard and stealing it. Captain’s Logbooks become more valuable the longer that player’s ship has not sunk.

Where to sell another player’s Captain’s Logbook in Sea of Thieves

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To sell captured captain’s logbook in Sea of Thieves, you must go to The Reaper’s Hideout and speak to The Reaper’s Bones. This location can be found at I12 on the map in the image above. The Reaper’s Bones vendor is located in the center building. Speak with him to sell the Captain’s Logbook.

All Captain’s Logbook Prices

When it comes to Captain’s Logbooks, you will want to get your hands on rarer ones, like the Remarkable and Extraordinary. Noteworthy Logbooks are not really worth the trouble of stealing or salvaging. Here are all Sea of Thieves Captain’s Logbooks sell prices.

  • Your Captain’s Logbook – 1 Gold
  • Noteworthy Captain’s Logbook – 300 Gold
  • Accomplished Captain’s Logbook – 2,500 Gold
  • Remarkable Captain’s Logbook – 10,000 Gold
  • Extraordinary Captain’s Logbook – 25,000 Gold

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