Tunic encourages you to explore every nook and cranny in its world to uncover the secrets within. This may lead you to check corners, secret paths, and more. But, unfortunately, your curiosity may wind up with you getting stuck somewhere. If so, you might be wondering what to do if you get stuck in Tunic.

If you get stuck in Tunic, there is a simple solution to getting unstuck. You, unfortunately, may lose some progress, but it is better than spending an eternity trapped in place. To get unstuck, simply head to the title screen and then return to your game.

How to get unstuck in Tunic

To get unstuck in Tunic, return to the title screen and reload your game. This will place you at the entrance of the most recent area you came from rather than at the previous checkpoint. While you do lose some progress, you shouldn’t be too far behind.

We have gotten stuck on a rocky island that we could reach but not leave. We have also almost gotten stuck by broken shards of pots. So be careful while you are exploring the world of Tunic and try to avoid getting stuck!

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