Super Robot Wars 30 is hot off the presses, but already we know about two of the upcoming DLC packages. DLC 1 was announced in Oct. and will be available in Nov., but details on DLC 2 have already been released. On October 25th, Bandai Namco revealed a trailer of the two new series added by DLC 2.

The full list of series added by DLC 2:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Super Robot Wars OG (Original Generation)
  • Ultraman (2019)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is a series that pushed boundaries by tackling issues behind child soldiers. While youthful protagonists are a common theme in super robot anime, Mobile Suit Gundam IBO took things to the next level by explicitly bringing to light the cruelty of juvenile soldiers.

Super Robot Wars OG or Original Generation are mecha from the sub-series of SRW. OG games use their own cast of characters and mechs instead of from well-known shows. Despite being just made up for the games, the OG character and robots have gathered enough popularity to make their inclusion in SRW 30 something notable! This update adds two robots from the OG game series.

Ultraman (2019) was a modern take on the classic series. Several other Ultraman is already featured in Super Robot Wars 30, but these are the first from the show, which debuted as the first Ultraman show on Netflix. In fact, combined with Mobile Suit Gundam IBO, two of the included series from this DLC are available to watch on Netflix.

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Overall, six new robots, mobile suits, characters, and mecha were debuted in the DLC 2 trailer. As with DLC 1, though, it’s likely more units than just the ones displayed will appear when the DLC releases.

DLC 2 is set to release at some point in December 2021.

If you grab either the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of Super Robot Wars 30, the DLC gives you even more. Find out more in What’s included in the Super Robot Wars 30 Deluxe and Ultimate Edition?

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