The fast-paced extreme sports game Riders Republic is full of things to do. There are races, trick competitions, stunt challenges, collectibles, and more. These events allow players to compete against one another and can be found throughout the different regions in Riders Republic. In addition to these, there are also multiplayer and seasonal competitions.

These can be found in the Riders Ridge and through the pause menu in the Season tab. This includes multiplayer competitions where racers can compete in teams of 6 or in free for all matches. While the pause menu will show you the events, you must go to the Riders Ridge to actually join them. These can be found on the side where the shipping containers are. You will see the names of the modes as well which are:

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  • Tricks Battle
    • A 6v6 match where players perform tricks on modules to capture districts.
  • Race FFA
    • A 12 player free for all race event.
  • SDB Welcome Playlist (Limited Time Event)
    • Features a selection of Shack Daddy Bandit events.

Each of these multiplayer modes has a ranking system players can climb while earning rewards. This is a good way to earn some Riders bucks while having fun! You can also invite friends and create groups to compete together.

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