In Monster Harvest there are three seasons and in each one, different crops can be grown. These crops can produce various Planimals which in turn will provide you aid throughout the game.

In the Dry Season, you can plant and grow the Mutanko, Radcross, Brainger, and Glowfin. These are grown by planting the mutato, radish, brainkin, and glowfruit seeds respectively.

  • Mutanko
    • A balanced Planimal with a variety of attacks.
  • Radcross
    • A support Planimal with a collection of healing abilities.
  • Brainger
    • A strong Planimal with a number of powerful energy draining attacks.
  • Glowfin
    • A stable Planimal with a wide assortment of vigorous attacks.

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While there are only four Planimals in the Dry Season, there are multiple variants of them. The type of Planimal not only depends on what kind of crop you plant but also what type of slime you apply to the crop. This is further increased by super slime as well. Using slime or super slime can produce standard Planimals as seen above, but it can also produce livestock and mount versions of them.

This allows you to expand your Plantdex and collect all of the Planimals in the Dry Season. Though you can harvest multiple versions of the same Planimal, you cannot have more than one in your party. Duplicates will be placed in the Planimal Pen and can be swapped out when you need to.

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