Minecraft offers nearly unlimited activities to do, builds to create, and games to enjoy with friends. But sometimes, it can be satisfying to simply start up a farm and raise animals, like pigs. If you go this route, you may be wondering what pigs eat in Minecraft.

What to feed Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs are a docile mob in Minecraft that eat a variety of vegetables. This includes carrots, potatoes, and beetroot. These are the only food items that pigs eat in Minecraft, and they can all be grown. Carrots also serve a dual purpose; they allow you to control your pig when they’re attached to a stick.

How to feed pigs in Minecraft

To feed pigs in Minecraft, you need to be holding either a carrot, potato, or beetroot. With the item in hand, aim at the pig and hold down Left Trigger or the Right Mouse Button until the food item is depleted.

Feeding pigs is the only way to get them to breed. Pigs can be used for transport or food, so keeping a well-stocked pigpen is always a good idea in Minecraft!

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