There are currently a total of 18 operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. Only 12 of these operators we know about at the time of writing, and six remain unknown.

From the 12 we do know about, each operator will carry over abilities and firearms that fans of Rainbow Six Siege will feel familiar with.

That said, here are all 12 operators we currently know that are in Rainbow Six Extraction, their abilities, and starting weapon.

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NomadCan fire proximity mines that knock over foes that run into them. The gadget can also clear hazards from areas in the game.AK-74M
GridlockCan place down spike traps that damage and slow foes for a limited time.F90
SledgeUses a huge hammer that can stun parasites and smash through walls.M590A1
AlibiCan place down decoys that will distract enemies. Any enemy that attacks the decoy will become scanned just like in Siege.Mx4 Storm SMG
LionUses a drone to scan all enemies that are moving in a certain amount of time.V308
HibanaShoots remote sticky explosives that can deal armor-penetrating damage.TYPE-89 
VigilDisrupts foes by making himself invisible for a medium durationK1A1
DocUses a health pistol to provide teammates with health and revives.SG-CQB
FinkaTemporarily boosts health with nanobots and revives any players that are down.SPEAR .308
ElaThrows sticky mines that stun enemies who walk in proximity to them.Scorpion EVO 3
SmokeCan throw Smoke Gas grenades that deal damage to all inside the gas.L85A2
PulseCan detect map VIPS, MIAs, and nests through obstacles.M1014

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