Copper is a new resource introduced in the latest update for Minecraft. But what level is copper ore found, and where can you find copper in Minecraft? Well, to start, you can find copper real easily by simply digging down or walking into a cavern, as it starts spawning in the highest mine levels.

You can find copper ore spawning from anywhere from 0 to 96 underground, as well. However, it is most common around layers 47 and 48. So if you want a ton of the material, we recommend digging down to 47 and starting your search there.

Copper also comes in two variants, deep slate copper ore, and copper ore whereas the difference is that one can be found in deep slate while the other can not. Another is that you will need silk touch enchanted on your pick axe or you will not be able to mine deep slate copper ore.

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You can use any type of pickaxe to mine copper in the game starting from a stone pickaxe and up. You can also get twice the amount of copper if you have both Fortune III and silk touch. 

That said, once you get yourself some copper ore, you can then use it to make the following items in the game.

  • Spyglass
  • Lighting Rod
  • Various building blocks
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Overall, all of these items are easy to make and can help you in various ways. For example, the spyglass can be a useful tool to help you get a site on certain objects in the distance, while the lighting rod is useful for diverting lighting.

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