ZOZ: Final Hour is an upcoming mobile game that blends PvEvP and competitive third-person shooting. It is being published by NetEase Games Global and is currently holding pre-registration. Here is everything we know about ZOZ: Final Hour.

Everything we know about ZOZ: Final Hour

What is the release date for ZOZ: Final Hour?

There is no official release date for ZOZ: Final Hour, but pre-registraiton has begun. It will also launch in open beta for Brazil and Indonesia on May 26, 2022. You can follow the official ZOZ: Final Hour Facebook page for more information.

How to pre-register for ZOZ: Final Hour

Pre-registration is currently only available through the Google Play Store. You can find ZOZ: Final Hour on the Google Play Store and pre-register there. Make sure you are signed in to your account before you hit the pre-register button.

Is ZOZ: Final Hour a battle royale?

ZOZ: Final Hour is a competitive third-person battle royale with PvE content in addition to PvP. Fifteen players will enter a post-apocalyptic city in search of treasure and gear. The city is infested with zombies, as well as other players.

All bets are off on whether you encounter the living or the dead. Hunt down other players for their loot or avoid them and make it out safely. One thing that makes ZOZ: Final Hour unique is that players don’t just die. Instead, upon death, players become powerful mutant zombies with numerous abilities to take out other human players.

But the mercenaries have their own powerful weapons and gadgets to protect themselves and take the fight to the zombies. Do whatever it takes to survive and call in a helicopter to escape. Just be prepared to fend off other players lurking nearby when you call your air support in.

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