Update: Roblox is back up as of 5:01PM CT September 22, 2022

Many players are unable to access Roblox or play any games. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do until the developers fix it. Roblox staff are well aware of their issues, and after the Official Roblox Status website updated with news of players dropping out, they found the issue quickly. Currently, when you go to the website, you get a “The service is unavailable” message, but once it is fixed, you’ll be able to go back.

How to fix Roblox

Unfortunately, the only thing players can do with a server outage is wait for the Roblox developers to remedy the issue. Keep an eye on DownDetector to see if error reports persist. You can check to see the most reported problems on the website over the past 24 hours in Roblox by scrolling down below the outage report screen to get a more detailed breakdown of the most prominent issue.

If the number of error reports drops and you still have trouble getting into Roblox, we recommend contacting Roblox Tech support to report a problem or seek help.

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