Christmas Wrapping Paper is a reward currency exclusive to the 2021 RuneScape Christmas event. You can exchange Christmas wrapping paper for mystery gifts at a ratio of 200 pieces per gift.

As seen below, players can stack Christmas Wrapping Paper the same way they stack other items:

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Unlike certain special items, Christmas Wrapping Paper can be deposited in the bank, so players don’t need to worry about losing inventory space.

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A good way to handle the event is to periodically deposit the Christmas Wrapping Paper in the bank. When players go to the Grand Exchange in New Varrock, they can go to the bank and withdraw the Christmas Wrapping Paper. From there, players can do their exchanges with Postie Pete before going back to their business.

RuneScape events usually result in the items associated with them disappearing at the end of the event. So it is best to gather as much Christmas Wrapping Paper as possible and trade it before the event ends since it is very likely to disappear.

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