Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One brings the game’s integration with Warzone. Warzone is now called Warzone Pacific and takes place in a new location—Caldera. Along with the new map comes new weapons and new game modes, one of which is Vanguard Royale.

Vanguard Royale is basically a regular Battle Royale, but with certain rules. The new game mode emphasizes the content and features from CoD: Vanguard. Some of the most prominent features of Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale are listed below:

  • Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons cannot be used.
  • Larger first circle / zone.
  • Fighter Planes is an additional vehicle that’s unique to this mode. You can fly aircrafts to get into dogfights and take out threats on the ground.
  • Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns can be used to take down fighter planes from the ground.
  • Bombing Runs take place randomly across the map. Beware and pay attention to the alerts.
  • Buy Station changes:
    • Loadout Markers are only available after the Loadout Drop Public Event.
    • UAVs cannot be purchased. However, you can get the Killstreak by completing contracts.
  • Public Events structure:
    • Circle One – Weapon Crates or Cash Drops
    • Circle Two – Loadout Drops
    • Circle Three – Fire Sale
    • Circle Four
      • Weapon Crates / Cash Drops (High Probability)
      • Resurgence / Jailbreak / Loadout Drops (Low Probability)
    • Circle Five – Restock
    • Circle Six – Loadout Drops

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Other changes include the removal of specific Field Upgrades, Killstreaks, Events, and Equipment. The restrictions are depicted in the image below.

Image via Activision

Players can drop into the regular Battle Royale playlist to experience every vehicle, weapon, and item from last two CoD games. There are no cutbacks in this mode, however, you cannot use fighter planes.

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