Splitgate is an arena-based fast-paced FPS game that utilizes portals to stand out from other FPS games. 1047 Games also regularly updates the game and adds new content, primarily in the form of limited game types. They have added holiday-themed modes as well as off-the-wall ones. The latter can be said of Uneven Modes.

You might be wondering what is Uneven Modes in Splitgate. It is exactly as the name suggests—game modes in which neither team is even or balanced. There are two game modes in the Uneven Modes playlist. These are Unfair Swat and Fight or Flight.

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Unfair Swat is pretty self-explanatory. It plays like the original Team Swat game type but one team has giant heads. In Team Swat, headshots are an instant kill so this makes the team with the big heads much easier to kill. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will lose, just that it will be an uphill battle.

Fight or Flight is an extremely wacky game type. One team has jet packs, increased health, and rocket launchers with infinite ammo. The other team can use portals and have sniper rifles with infinite ammo. Neither team has to reload so it becomes an aerial vs ground-based game type.

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