The Top Secret Contract was added to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific with the Season One update. It gives you a random Contract but includes greater rewards. The rewards are higher than general Contracts as you get more cash and XP, along with a UAV Killstreak.

You don’t know what mission you will get until you pick up the Top Secret Contract. It can be any one of the five original Contracts from Warzone:

  • Bounty – Eliminate the target player.
  • Scavenger – Open three marked loot boxes.
  • Recon – Capture the marked objective.
  • Supply Run – Reach the marked Buy Station within a limited assigned time.
  • Most Wanted – Survive while you are marked as a high-value target for every player on the map.

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The chances of getting any of these Contracts are even. That’s what makes this contract truly a high-risk, high-reward challenge. You can get something as easy as a Supply Run or even Most Wanted in the worst-case scenario.

Regardless of the Contract you get, Top Secret is a great way to level up faster and get more cash than traditional Contracts. You get enormous weapon and player XP after completing these Contracts. Furthermore, if you have done a few other contracts already, the bonus applied will increase the reward exponentially.

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