Fight your way through the dark underground world without losing to any of the dangerous enemies that lurk around every corner in There Is No Light. Players on PC can enjoy a demo now and officially play the game in September 2022.

What is There Is No Light about?

There Is No Light is an action/adventure RPG video game that utilizes a nostalgic pixel art style. The gameplay centers around battles acted out with gritty brutality in an underground realm full of dark creatures and fascinating structures. Those familiar with dungeon crawls, boss fights, and tactical battles will find this game to be a similar experience for them.

What is the release date for There Is No Light?

During the IGN Expo as a part of Summer of Gaming 2022, a trailer for There Is No Light was released that gave an approximate release date for the game. There Is No Light will be available for all players at some point in September 2022. There does not seem to be a specific day in September announced just yet.

How to play the demo for There Is No Light

You can play the There Is No Light Demo by heading to the Steam store page for There Is No Light. Once there, look for the button that says Download There Is No Light Demo and click there part below it that says Download. This will install the demo and all you need to do is let it finish installing before you can play.

What platforms will There Is No Light be released on?

As of now, it appears that There Is No Light will only be on PC. Per the trailer released on Jun. 10, 2022 (during the IGN Expo for Summer of Gaming 2022), it states that the game will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and

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