The World’s First Raid Race is a time-honored tradition in Destiny where fireteams from around the world compete to beat a newly released raid before anyone else. Raids offer the pinnacle Destiny experience thanks to the inherent difficulty and puzzle-solving required to complete them.

World’s First has been tracked since the Vault of Glass raid in the first Destiny during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation of games. Since then, teams have competed through the four Destiny 1 raids and nine Destiny 2 raids for that illustrious title.

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Due to the difficulty of the encounters and having to figure out mechanics, a team can easily spend a dozen hours or more trying to clear the raid for the first time. Bungie doesn’t make things easy, either, as there are caps on Power level and restrictions on weapons and armor that can be used. It’s truly a task that shouldn’t be taken on lightly.

While it’s exciting to watch the Raid Race, players should remember that it isn’t restricted to streamers. So long as a fireteam meets the Power Level requirements, they too can compete. So, eyes up, Guardian.

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